Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Back (for good?)

It's been a looong looong time since my last post! I've been meaning to write something for ages, but just never seemed to get around to it. Hopefully I will manage a bit better from now on!

I have been super busy with my quilting in the last year, and have actually entered a quilt into a competition! I entered a miniature quilt (must be less than 30cm on it's longest side) into the Festival of Quilts, which is at the start of August and I am very much looking forward to going and seeing my little quilty up on the wall :-D It will be a long, tiring couple of days for me, but I know I shall enjoy it tremendously! Muv and I have signed up for a workshop this year, so we shall be having an introduction to Hawaiian applique, which I have always wanted to have a go at!

I have made quite a lot of quilts since my last post, but I won't go into detail about them in this post, I will just show you some pictures of them!

These three quilts were made for Christmas 2014 and were only just finished in time! The third one was all paper pieced and took a lot longer to make than I expected it to!

This bargello quilt was made entirely in secret for Muv and Popsy. I worked on it every time they went away for the weekend and just finished it a couple of weeks ago. It was very good timing when I finished it as poor little Muv got shingles while away on their boat for 2 weeks, so they returned home about a week early! Luckily all I needed to do was finish the binding off when I got the message that they wouuld be home the next day, so I managed to get it all finished off and washed ready for their return. It definitely cheered Muv up after having to come home early!

I've been working on this little beauty since November. Every single seam is handsewn, which is why it has taken so long! I had intended this quilt to be for my bed, but after showing a picture of it on quilty forums I may have been convinced to enter it into a show...we'll see how well the quilting goes I think! I created the pattern myself using my trusty colouring pencils and many many sheets of hexagon graph paper!

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