Friday, 14 March 2014

Energy levels decimated

So I spent the whole of yesterday in bed, recovering from the day I spent making the Secret Project Quilt Top. I guess I got a little over excited making it and just couldn't stop. Looking back on it now, I should have stopped when I finished the quilt top at around lunchtime, but at the time it seemed super important to make those pillowcases and practice free motion quilting.

I'm feeling a little better today (still exhausted, but not completely incapable) so will hopefully have another practice at free motion quilting again this afternoon.

From the little practice I had the other day, I need to focus on tension, the speed I move the quilt sandwich and the speed the machine is pretty much everything you need to free motion quilt!

I was hoping to have a practice on another quilt top that I've made before doing the Secret Project Quilt but I don't think that going to happen now that the quilt top is made! I told you I'm not very patient!

So hopefully I'll be back later with some pictures of my free motion attempts! I think I'm going to go for stippling on the background area of the quilt and try a sort of wood grain effect for the main body...if I can manage it that is! We'll have to see how it goes!

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