Sunday, 9 March 2014

First post :)

I am Sisty, a 25 year old from the UK.

I started making quilts a year ago because I was off sick from work due to a flare up of a very long term illness. I have had CFS/ME since I was 11 and have always managed to cope with everything life threw at me...until about 18 months ago when my body decided it wasn't having it anymore and decided to have a major crash. I guess with this illness, the more you push and push to get through it, the worse off you end up! I am currently at the worst I have ever been and am still off sick from work.

The only thing that gives me joy at the moment is quilting. I love how they come together from a pile of fabrics to create something that just makes me smile. It is also pretty handy that I get to sit down for a lot of the quilt making process (particularly hand quilting a humungous quilt!).
I also enjoy the piles of fabric I have hoarded in the past year. I would hate to think of the actual amount of money I have spent on all those piles of fabric..but I love them!

I have only made 4 quilts so far, my first was a very basic, just squares quilt which I machine quilted by stitching in the ditch. The second was a "jigsaw puzzle" quilt which I made for my Sister. The third is known as "Purple Quilt" and was my favourite creation...until I made the "Sunset" Quilt that was a Christmas present for my Sister-in-Law. I will add some photos of those quilts as soon as I work out how to! (This is my first ever blog so please bear with me while I learn how to do things!) I am currently working on a secret project that I am very excited about but will not be able to write much about it until the recipient has...well, received it!

Anyway, I intend to chronicle my quilt making escapades and hopefully include lots of handy hints along the way, as I have learnt pretty much all I know about quilting from other people's blogs and tutorials.

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